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Fly Program for Start-ups

The FLY program aims to provide start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs with custom-tailored legal services that will help them set up their business.

A proper legal framework will not only protect their business as from the beginning, but will also allow their business to grow successfully.

The benefits of FLY:

The FLY program gives you access to experienced lawyers, who have been advising companies at all stages in their corporate life cycle. KOAN’s legal team understands the legal issues often faced by start-ups and can give advice at every stage.

  1. Free service: first intake meeting at no cost
  2. Tailored legal documents/templates: e.g.: Commercial contracts, Terms of sale, Website Terms and Conditions, employment contract, etc. 
  3. Tailored budget to your needs
  4. Advice that is ready to go: solution oriented, guiding you in decision making
  5. Access to KOAN’s established network of clients
  6. A single point of contact

For more info on the FLY membership advantages and program, have a look at our flyer here or contact us at [email protected]