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KOAN and Film Fest Gent team up for exclusive première event

We are proud to announce that KOAN has joined forces with Film Fest Gent, one of Europe's most highly acclaimed film festivals. On October 14th, we will be co-organising a red carpet award event at the festival, which will include the première of the film Façades.

Film Fest Gent attracts more than 130,000 cinema lovers every year with its diverse and international program of 80 feature films and 50 short films. Thanks to its special focus on film music and the World Soundtrack Awards – the world’s most prestigious soundtrack awards – Film Fest Gent has gained a unique place among film festivals.

KOAN has always had a special interest and a strong reputation in the media sector. Not only does KOAN advise on media, intellectual property, data protection and privacy, it also has a specific expertise in film, working with producers, film financing through tax shelters and tax credits, clearance and chain of titles issues, product placement and all other legal issues related to the film industry.

Film Fest Gent and KOAN now team up for a special première on October 14th. Celebrated actors, producers, directors, composers and other prominent guests will gather for a night of pure cinema magic. What’s included? A glamorous red carpet arrival, a thrilling award ceremony and a major movie première, followed by a reception. We’re delighted to be hosting the première of the much-anticipated Façades, directed by Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns (Beau Séjour, Chaussée d’Amour) and produced by De Mensen.

By collaborating with Film Fest Gent, KOAN shows its support for one of the biggest cultural events in Europe. Reaching out to a big international audience highlights KOAN's growing ambition.

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