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New Data Protection and Privacy legislation : time for action !

Have you ever heard of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Or the E-Privacy Directive? No?

These constitute the biggest changes to the EU data protection regime since 1995 and are very likely to impact your company, its structure and business substantially.

Indeed :

  • Strict obligations and increased liabilities have been imposed for collecting and processing of personal data;
  • Data Protection Officers must be appointed if a company conducts large scale systematic monitoring or processes large amounts of sensitive personal data;
  • Swift reactions are required with regard to data protection issues;
  • Specific rules have been determined on the right to data portability, right to be forgotten, right to object to profiling;
  • Etc.

The Data Protection Authorities will also have more effective enforcement powers with higher fines (up to 4% of total annual worldwide turnover or € 20.000.000).

The GDPR will come into effect on 25 May 2018.

You thus still have some time to make your company GDPR-proof

It is not self evident to find your way in the new data protection and privacy legislation.

We at KOAN are equipped to guide you and make your company GDOPR Proof.

Moreover , Data Protection is not only about prevention. Personal data have become a valuable asset for companies. Our experienced data protection and privacy team at KOAN has developed different tools and programs to assist companies, from start-ups to multinational groups, in their privacy strategies and make these a success story.

In relation with the new GDPR and E-Privacy Directive KOAN’s GDPR team offers the following services:

  1. A free of charge interactive intake meeting to identify the inbound and outbound flux of personal data ;
  2. A full GDPR compliance assessment and report;
  3. Assist you with the implementation of the necessary measures;
  4. Tailor-made back-office support, follow-up and monitoring.

For an appointment for a free of charge interactive intake meeting or any further question: contact our Data Protection & Privacy Team on [email protected]