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OUR TEAM: Meet Alix Degrez, Associate at KOAN

At KOAN, we’re always striving to maintain our company’s leading edge by taking on the best lawyers. But who are they? What do they do? Where do they come from? And why do they love their jobs so much? Let’s start by introducing Alix Degrez, Associate at KOAN Law Firm.

Who is she?

Alix is a young lawyer with a lot of international experience. During her university years, she did not only study law in Brussels but also took a number of courses at the University ofSalzburg, the University of Vienna, the Carlos III University of Madrid, the BPP Law School in London and the Queen Mary University in London. An impressive list, and one which helped her amass her formidable wealth of legal credentials. These days, she gets to put her many skills to use in the Corporate and Tax Department and the Non-Profit and Trade Associations Team.

What does she love about her job?

At KOAN, every day is different, and that’s what Alix likes most. She faces every challenge with a smile, believing that responsiveness, efficiency and availability are key.

KOAN Law Firm is all about transparency. If you have a question about something, you can always ask someone at the firm. A great way to work!

What’s her favorite memory at KOAN?

Feeling part of a team is very important for Alix. For example, once she and her colleagues joined a race over the weekend. This was impulsively decided over lunch. What better way to bond than to take on a fun challenge together?