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PeopleOfKoan: meet Dietger Glorieux


Say hi to Dietger Glorieux, an associate at KOAN. As part of the TMT & IP Team, he advisescompanies, including start-ups, on issues like intellectual property and data protection in the technology, media and telecom sectors. “Working in the TMT & IP Team means I work for a variety of clients”, he says. “I work in a very fun team, with many young colleagues. We hardly ever skip a chance to have some drinks together.”


What his colleagues appreciate most about Dietger? The fact that he’s a team player and always respects deadlines, he hopes. “And on a personal note, I hope they can appreciate my sense of humour!”, he adds.


Dietger remembers his first day at KOAN very well. “When I arrived on my very first day, there happened to be a team meeting right away”, he tells. “The weather was great and we ended up having a two-hour meeting on a terrace in the sun, in about 30 degrees. If this is the life of a lawyer, I thought, it looks quite nice!”


“When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I actually wanted to become a forest ranger,”, Dietger says. “I thought it would be relaxing to hang around and take care of the trees and animals all day. Luckily that didn’t stick very long.” Why he eventually chose law? “I’ve always had an interest in society and how it works. Law obviously has a big role to play in that”, Dietger says.