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PeopleOfKoan: meet Elisabeth van Nerum

It has been a very busy year for Elisabeth Van Nerum. Not only does Elisabeth work in the IP & TMT team of KOAN, she is also a part-time assistant teacher at KU Leuven.

“Whenever I tell people I’m a lawyer, they think about things like tax cases, insurance and family issues”, she says. But from early on, Elisabeth developed an interest in less obvious parts of law, like medical law, IP and data privacy. Her heart is in technology related and creative sectors.

“We live in a fast-changing technological world and it is fascinating to observe how these technologies influence legal developments and push for creative legal thinking”, Elisabeth ads.

“I feel like my work really gets appreciated”

Why Elisabeth loves working at KOAN? “I enjoy the creativity that clients bring to the table. And I love the fact that KOAN has given me the opportunity to learn, even though I’m doing valuable work. I never get the feeling that I am alone in my work. There is always someone to answer my questions, which is perfect when you are still a starter.”

“I like the fact that I am working in a very technology-related area. That means my job will keep on developing and evaluating”, Elisabeth says. “My job will never get old or boring!”