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PeopleOfKoan: Meet Gaëtan Goossens

It’s been an exciting year for Gaëtan Goossens (28). He joined the TMT & IP team of KOAN last summer, at a time when GDPR made data protection extremely relevant. “I specialized in data protection and intellectual property, at exactly the right time!”

“I had worked as a Data Protection and IP specialist in other firms after completing my studies here in Belgium and in England”, Gaetan tells. “But I felt that I needed a new challenge. I know one of the lawyers here, so I already knew a thing or two about the firm. That’s how I found out there was a job opening. The opportunity was there and I seized it.”

Gaëtan mainly focusses on intellectual property and data protection. With the GDPR privacy laws that were implemented in 2018, his field of expertise is highly topical at the moment. “Thanks to GDPR, there is a lot of work in data protection right now. I help companies with their compliance process, make sure they are up to date with the law and try to adapt everything that needs to be adapted. These are very exciting times for a lawyer. I love working together with clients to find the best possible solution for their company.”

Why did Gaëtan chose a career in that field of law? “I guess the job chose me, rather than the other way around. I completed my LLM in computer and communications law, with a focus on IP and data protection. At my first job, I worked on everything concerning information technology and data protection. I slowly specialized in that field and was lucky that it has become extremely relevant.”