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PeopleOfKoan: meet Willem-Jan Cosemans


Willem-Jan Cosemans is a senior lawyer at KOAN’s IP & TMT team. WJ is his nick name.

He is The senior associate to go to for help and wise guidance.  

What Willem-Jan likes most about working at KOAN? The flexibility and the open environment. He joined KOAN two years ago. He hasn’t regretted taking up this new challenge for one minute. “It’s a perfect match”, he even adds.

From fires to intellectual property

When it comes to his favorite work lunch, Willem-Jan is rather traditional, with a preference for sandwiches. On hot summer days, he likes to eat salads as well. His dream job as a child oozes a bit more adventure: “I wanted to become a fireman”, he laughs.

Yet, his interests changed while growing up. “I’m very interested in society and politics. I’m happy my specialization in IP allows me to follow all of the new technologies and the creative aspects of society.”