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The FLY Programme by KOAN: legal partner of ambitious startups

These days, new businesses blossom all over the world. Entrepreneurs are constantly on the move with one goal only: success. The legal aspects of our hectic business world can be a maze to navigate around and that’s where the FLY Programme by KOAN comes in.


What’s FLY by KOAN?

The FLY programme was created in 2014 by KOAN Law Firm. This initiative aims to provide tailored legal services to start-ups and young, innovative entrepreneurs. We assist and support them in establishing their business by steering them through the legal issues that are not their cup of tea and that distract them from their core activity.


What are the benefits of the programme? The FLY programme offers access to experienced lawyers, who advise companies at all stages of their corporate life cycle. KOAN’s legal team understands the legal issues often faced by start-ups and gives the appropriate advice. Here’s a list of the services we provide

  1. Free access to legal documents/templates
    - Your company needs certain documents that apply for every business, e.g. commercial contracts, terms of  sale, website terms and conditions, employment contracts, etc.
  2. Free service: initial intake meeting is free of charge 

  3. Budget tailored to your needs 

  4. Ready-to-go advice: solution-oriented to coach start-ups in the decision-making process 

  5. Access to Koan’s established network of clients 

  6. A single point of contact 

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