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World IP day: the importance of IP

World IP day is celebrated every year on April 26. The celebration was established by the WIPO, the world intellectual property organization in 2000 in order to raise awareness for the importance of intellectual property ( IP ) rights.

IP are indeed important. Intellectual property rights are corporate value.

This year’s World Intellectual Property Day is focusing on Sports & IP. The Sport sector is today a multi-billion dollar entertainment business where IP, brands and media come together.

Sports clubs are brands, just think of the Red Devils, and the whole business around this brand. The Red Devils themselves personally are brands, their personal names are brands, their images are worth a tun and connected to other brands, they co-brand any product that fits their image.

Their shirts and shoes are full of IP, sometimes patents or know how, designs & models, or a combination of these in wearable tech. The same intellectual property is vested in sports technologies in equipment and materials, in new products such as gaming.

With exploitation of intellectual property rights comes commercial revenue through licensing, distribution, merchandising and sponsorship, broadcasting etc. Sports attract great audiences for World Cup series for instance, viewed all over the world and reaching consumers all over the world.

KOAN is passionate about IP and can help you create corporate value through IP.

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