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General Terms and Conditions

You will find below the general conditions of KOAN LAW FIRM CVBA/SCRL ("KOAN"), applicable as of January 1st 2019:

Dutch version here.

French version here.

  1. KOAN is a civil company in the form of a cooperative company with limited liability with its registered office at Glaverbel Building, Chaussée de la Hulpe 166, box 24, 1170 Brussels - Belgium and with company number 0654.768.707.
  2. Instructions from clients are solely accepted and carried out by KOAN, who is the exclusive contracting party for all services performed by its lawyers and staff. Partners, attorneys or associates, whether they are legal or natural persons, who are in any way connected to KOAN and are involved in the supply of services by or on behalf of KOAN, cannot be held liable in any way. Consequently, KOAN accepts responsibility and is exclusively responsible for the services provided by its lawyers and staff.
  3. KOAN may, in the name and/or for the account of the client, engage third parties who do not work under the name KOAN (e.g., bailiffs, notaries, accountants, other lawyers, etc.) in the performance of its services. KOAN shall exercise the necessary due care in its selection of such third  parties.  KOAN is not liable for any services, actions and/or omissions rendered or committed by any third parties. KOAN is authorized by the client to accept any third party’s limitations of liability on it’s behalf.  
  4. Any and all liability of KOAN is limited to the amount paid out under the insurance coverage granted by the applicable Bar Association’s liability insurance (currently EUR 1.250.000,00 on the abovementioned date) and KOAN's supplementary liability insurance (EUR 20.000.000,00 on the abovementioned date). Further information in this respect shall be supplied upon request. If and to the extent that no monies are paid out under the aforementioned insurance policies, for whatever reason, any and all liability of KOAN is limited to the sum of three times the amount of fees paid to KOAN in the relevant case during the relevant year. In any event, a claim is unenforceable if KOAN is not given written notice within one year after the discovery of an event or circumstance that gives or may give rise to a liability claim. 
  5. The method of accounting for costs and fees is generally the subject of prior consultation with the client in order to determine the budget for the assignment entrusted to KOAN. KOAN shall provide the client with an estimate of the applicable fees in advance. KOAN shall also charge any administrative and management fees. 
  6. Invoices sent by KOAN to clients have to be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice. If the invoice is not paid in time, KOAN is authorized to charge, in addition to the principal amount, the statutory interest and an additional fixed payment of 10% of the principal amount to cover the administrative costs.
  7. These general conditions apply to every assignment accepted by KOAN, including any follow-up and new assignments. These general conditions can be changed and are to be consulted on the URL
  8. The legal relationship between KOAN and its clients is exclusively governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute between the parties for which no amicable settlement is reached, the parties agree to submit their dispute to mediation before a certified mediator in accordance with the CEPANI Mediation Rules. If no solution can be achieved for the dispute as a result of mediation, the dispute is to be brought exclusively to the competent court in Brussels
  9. These general conditions apply to all services rendered by the partners, lawyers, employees and appointees of KOAN within the scope of its normal activities.