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De Baerdemaeker




Professional Profile

Robert De Baerdemaeker is one of the founding partners of Koan together with Stéphane Willemart and Agnès Maqua. He is specialized in employment law, criminal (employment) law, social security law and financial criminal law. He covers both individual and collective social rights, questions related to employment contracts, secondment, compensation, workplace rules, work hours, safety and well-being, reassignments, redundancies, restructuring, and collective conflicts.

In the area of social security, Robert is particularly interested in the different aspects of the social status of workers, including “bogus self-employment”.

On June 19, 2006, after two years as Dauphin of the Order, Robert was elected as batônnier by the General Assembly of attorneys-at-law to head, manage and represent the Order as well as to preside over the Council of the Order and the General Assembly of attorneys-at-law in Brussels. Between 2010 and 2013, Robert was Chairman of the Federation of the French and German speaking bars of Belgium (OBFG). He is also a member of the Association des Juristes Praticiens du Droit Social (AJDPS).

Robert has authored extensively and has frequently lectured on employment law, social security and criminal law.


Admitted to the Brussels Bar