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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

As a result of the General Data Protection Regulation and the rising awareness among the people whose data is being collected, the impact of Data Protection will only increase in the future. More and more, people are starting to realize that their personal data is being used in core business models by companies whose intentions aren’t always that clear or who didn’t inform them in any way of the purposes of processing their data.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that your crew is brought up to speed with the new legislation and that, more importantly, an added value is created by creating a unique selling proposition with regard to the protection of personal data by your business.

The key is to not only implement the obligations of the GDPR, but mainly to do it in a intelligent way, capitalizing on the need for change in order to transform the protection of personal data into a business enabler. Clients, prospects and consumers who come in contact with your business, will be reassured that the processing of their personal data is dealt with, by you as controller or processor, in a way that is GDPR-compliant and safe, separating your business from your competitors and providing you a competitive advantage.

The Data Protection Team of KOAN can assist you in creating and running this added value for your business by managing the GDPR-compliance in a pragmatic, sustainable and intelligible way that does not overload the day to day operations of your business.

Our Data Protection Team, which includes 4 certified Data Protection Officers (DPO’s), is known for its deep knowledge, accuracy and pragmatic approach of the Data Protection compliance particularly in the life sciences, marketing and automotive sectors.

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