As an indispensable part of the European and international economy, the automotive sector is constantly the subject of heavy competition within a constantly changing and complex legal framework.

KOAN’s complementary automotive law team, with more than 30 years experience, offers expert services to professionals in the automotive sector.

KOAN is specialised in providing advise concerning automotive agreements (sales concession, commercial agency, general terms and conditions of sale, etc.) for both the market of first sale and aftermarkets. The team is also competent at reviewing existing agreement, as well as the instalment from A to Z of distribution networks, always in accordance with the applicable and ever-changing Belgian and international rules.

Furthermore, KOAN has developed over several years a personalised and specific assistance for professionals in the automotive sector in the area of disputes with consumers or other actors in the chain, specifically in case of termination of distribution agreements.

Our team makes of point of informing itself about the national and European jurisprudence – as well as the practices of the sector – and has regular contacts with the automotive press.

The members of the team also regularly speak at sessions about distribution law in all its aspects and are also author and co-author of several articles and books that are considered an authority in the sector.