Gaming, Gambling & Betting

Our team is renowned as the top leading firm in Belgium for Gaming, Gambling and Betting law.  Our team deals with all aspects of Gaming, Gambling and Betting at national and European level.

We assist some of the world’s leading online operators and their associations in their litigation matters against – and dealings with – national and EU authorities. Our interventions are often focused on regulatory issues and regularisation projects (A, B, E,  F and G licences) and include transactional projects between licensed players.  Our services encompass a wide range of adjacent practice areas such as TMT, IP law, commercial law, corporate law, privacy law and specific advertising law.

Recent work

  • Assisting one of the world’s leading online operators in obtaining licences with the Belgian authorities and entering into a partnership agreement with a Belgian licensed casino.
  • Assisting one of the world’s leading online operators in its litigation process against the Belgian authorities and subsequently regularization.
  • Assisting an association of Gaming and Betting operators in its dealings with the European Commission against national legislation.