Advertising, E-marketing & Trade Practices

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience related to Advertising, E-Marketing & Trade Practices. We offer support and advice to all players involved in this area, both national and international, ranging from large companies (advertisers, advertising agencies, media agencies and sales houses) to pioneering start-ups. Our goal is to offer a solution-based approach, where we do not only address any potential legal issues, but try to offer concrete and pragmatic solutions to our clients taking into account their practical realities and limitations. In light of the foregoing, we aim to understand our clients’ business and their core activities in order to offer tailored assistance based on their specific needs.

We assist our clients in connection with all aspects covered by this Advertising, E-Marketing & Trade Practices, such as:

  • Clearing of advertising campaigns;
  • Draft and review of all advertising-related contracts;
  • Data protection recommendations related to advertising & trade practices;
  • Commercial communications, specifically in relation to sensitive groups (minors) and particular products (tobacco, alcohol, medicine);
  • Online advertising, profiling and e-commerce;
  • Promotional games and competitions;
  • Guidance on pricing; promotions; comparative offers and unfair market practices;
  • Contracts with consumers (including terms and conditions of sale).

Furthermore, we cooperate closely with important professional associations such as UBA (Union of Belgian Advertisers), ACC (Association of Communication Companies), UMA (United Media Agencies), IAB Belgium (Interactive Advertising Bureau Belgium) and BMMA (Belgian Management and Marketing Association). This underlines our recognition and expertise in this area and our willingness to actively follow current developments and trends.

Our lawyers are regular contributors to law, marketing, advertising, and media & communication journals and reviews. We also teach on various Advertising, E-Marketing & Trade Practices related topics and regularly deliver presentations at industry conferences, law society meetings, and seminars. We also offer legal training both in cooperation with our partners such as UBA and ACC, as in-house workshops and training sessions.

Finally, we aspire to be pro-active by informing our clients of important legal developments in legislation related to Advertising, E-Marketing & Trade Practices that could have an impact on their activities.

Recent work

  • Providing assistance in the "pre-clearance" of advertising campaign projects and analysis of promotional sales practices, misleading advertising and other unfair trade practices, including for regulated products (tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, medication, food).
  • Providing assistance in the drafting and reviewing of games and promotional competitions (lucky dips, raffles, lotteries, contests, etc.).
  • Providing assistance and advice during negotiations and drafting of contracts between advertiser/agency.
  • Providing assistance in dispute resolution, both within the framework of judicial proceedings as by alternate means.