Non-Profit & Trade Associations Law

The support offered by KOAN to non-profit and trade associations is designed to be cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary, involving the assistance of specialists in various areas such as employment law, commercial law, contract and intellectual property law, VAT and tax law. We aim to be practical in our approach and provide straightforward advice.

Besides advising on the possible legal structures under Belgian and European non-profit law (i.e. (international) non-profit association, private foundation and foundation of public utility), our Non-Profit and Trade Associations Team also assists clients with the constitution, management, financing and running of associations and foundations and all matters relating thereto, for example negotiation and drafting of articles of association and contracts, drafting of minutes and notices, and advising on directors’ and officers’ liabilities.

Our lawyers advise numerous Belgian and European (international) associations and foundations. Because of our ideal location in the heart of Europe, next to the European institutions, KOAN is well placed to represent non-profit and trade entities vis-à-vis the European institutions.

Recent work

  • Constitution of (international) non-profit associations and foundations representing the interests of members and/or stakeholders in various sectors such as banking, food, flowers and health.
  • Verification and opinion on the VAT status of an international non-profit association exercising various activities.
  • Constituting and structuring the Belgian branch office of a UK non-profit organization.
  • Transfer of the activities and the registered office of a Dutch non-profit association by dissolving the latter and constituting a new Belgian non-profit association.
  • Review of a new governance structure, drafting of new articles of association and internal rules, appointment of new directors and a new secretary general entrusted with the daily management, implementation of internal working groups and committees, and subsequent completion of the administrative and publication formalities for a non-profit association.
  • Advice on the various liabilities of (founding) members and directors of a non-profit association and mechanisms to limit such liabilities.
  • Reorganisation and regrouping of clusters of associations, including the dissolution of the regrouped associations and transfer of their assets and liabilities into the new regrouping association.
  • Assisting a US organisation to set up a Belgian non-profit association in order to apply for EU grants.