Ten Commitments

Koan commits – through every layer of its organisation – to the following service :

Commitment 1: Personal and regular contacts

The client partner acts as a single point of contact for the client within the firm, refers matters according to the client's needs to other partners and follows up on all questions.

Commitment 2: High responsiveness

We respond to any query for legal service by email or telephone immediately with either a conclusive answer to the query, a fee quote (if requested), a precise indication of when we will be able to provide such an answer, or a request for additional information.

Commitment 3: Sounding board services

KOAN's lawyers are always available by phone or by email to answer any preliminary questions you may have on matters that fall within their expertise, even when they are not billable. Use us as your first sounding board.

Commitment 4: Partner availability

At KOAN, we are available as and when our clients need us. Outside working hours, you can reach our partners on their mobile phone or by email.

Commitment 5: Competitive and predictable fee budgeting

We have a transparent fee structure aimed at providing a detailed and clear explanation regarding the services rendered. 

Commitment 6: Service adapted to your needs

Your needs are our top priority. We take pride in listening to you and adapting our service accordingly.  

Commitment 7: We take position

Our advice is solution-oriented. We will always seek the most practical legal solution. When we have to raise limitations, we offer alternative options.

Commitment 8: Our meeting rooms and secretarial support at your service

We make available to you, free of charge, our meeting rooms, secretarial support and assistance with local travel arrangements in Brussels. We can recommend a number of premium hotels nearby to make your stay comfortable.

Commitment 9: We advise on all your legal requirements

When we have a conflict of interest in serving your needs or when these require a particular knowledge that falls outside our core competences, we will refer you to a quality law firm that can handle the matter within the shortest possible delay.

Commitment 10: Our international network at your disposal

Over the years, KOAN has developed an international network of top quality service-oriented law firms based on personal contacts. If you look for assistance in a particular jurisdiction, we will be pleased to share our contacts with you.